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Industry Web Links

The Electrical Contractors Association of Quinte–St. Lawrence is committed to providing our members and the public with helpful information about all matters related to the electrical contracting industry. That’s why we’ve assembled a selection of links to electrical industry resources to help you find all the information you need from one convenient hub. This page will connect you with information on topics ranging from health & safety and industry standards to technological research and financial practices.

Association Links

Building Operators and Managers Association (BOMA)

The Building Operators and Managers Association provides information about the Canadian commercial real estate industry, addressing issues and promoting the industry through information, education, and advocacy. BOMA’s members include both national and regional associations. BOMA creates a voice for the industry and advocates the members’ interest within other organizations.

Canadian Construction Association (CCA)

The Canadian Construction Association represents Canada’s construction industry, an industry employing 1.27 million Canadians and accounting for approximately 7% of Canada’s gross domestic product. The association takes charge of promoting ethics, skills, and responsibility in the industry. The CCA deals with matters of public policy, legal standards, and the development goals of contractors.

Canadian Electrical Contractors Association (CECA)

The Canadian Electrical Contractors Association serves the interests of over 8,000 electrical contractors from across Canada on a national level, representing an industry which generates over $5 billion in revenues and directly employs 70,000 people. The association deals with matters of standard practice, contract documents, taxation, contractor training, and also offers a newsletter, courses and seminars, and various other publications.

Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario (ECAO)

The Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario serves and represents the interest of the electrical/communications contracting industry in labour, government, and public relations. The Association is committed to serving electrical contractors by providing various services to its members and by representing the entire industry to government and industry colleagues. The ECAO also advocates standard practices in the field of electrical contracting.

Infrastructure Health & Safety Association of Ontario (IHSA)

The Infrastructure Health & Safety Association of Ontario promotes health and safety in the industry through education. The association organizes skill-based training, auditing, and evaluations as well as training for people who perform high-risk activities including working at heights, at energized high-voltage power systems. The association provides access to resources such as apprenticeship information, health & safety information, and safety group information.

Kingston Construction Association (KCA)

The Kingston Construction Association seeks to bring together businesses involved in industrial, commercial, and institutional construction. The association promotes a close relationship and mutual understanding between different branches of the industry. The KCA website features information such as news and events, training, and industry links.

Ontario College of Trades (OCOT)

Ontario College of Trades (OCOT) The Ontario College of Trades is a professional regulatory body that serves the public by regulating, monitoring, and promoting skilled trades in Ontario. The main purpose of the Ontario College of Trades is to ensure that individuals providing trade services are trained and fully certified to work safely and effectively. The OCOT website contains information and news relating to the industry as well as guides and forms related to skill trades.

Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MTCU)

The Ministry of Training College and Universities is a government ministry dedicated to helping prospective tradespeople get started on building a career in the industry. The website provides details on applying for post-secondary education, links to programs and apprenticeships, and information on other kinds of educational opportunities.

National Trade Contractors Coalition of Canada (NTCCC)

The National Trade Contractors Coalition of Canada is an association of contractors from various industries working to promote closer professional relationships with one another. The coalition represents the interests of thousands of member companies by providing publications, education, and news and events.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 115

IBEW 115 is the regional chapter of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. The website contains contact information as well as a newsletter archive and forms related to the industry.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Construction Council of Ontario

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Construction Council of Ontario represents the interests of eleven local IBEW unions across Ontario. The IBEW CCO is involved with bargaining advocacy, regulating health and safety, and promoting education in the electrical industry.

Construction Tender Information

Kingston Construction Association (KCA)

The Kingston Construction Association is an organization promoting unity between industrial, commercial, and institutional construction industries in Kingston & area. The KCA website features news, events, and other resources for local tradespeople.

Federal Government Links

Treasury Board Contracting Policies

The Treasury Board of Canada provides information on contracting policy and data for contracting companies. The Treasury Board website features several resources and documents to serve the industrial sector.

Public Works & Government Services Canada (PWGSC)

Public Works & Government Services Canada provides information and resources to private and government-owned companies on how to innovate, save money, and increase efficiency in business. The PWGSC provides information on buying and selling, payments and pensions, property and buildings, and more.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation works with community organizations, non-profit agencies, the government, and private agencies to create innovative solutions for housing needs in ordered to improve the quality of life in Canada. The CMHC website features information about sustainability, research highlights, investments, and building & design.

Industry Canada – Strategis

Industry Canada works with citizens involved in all aspects of the economy to increase Canada’s share of global trade by improving conditions for investment, promoting innovation, and building a fair and competitive marketplace. Industry Canada’s Site contains statistics and research links as well as information on financing, permits and licenses, protecting information and property, as well as incorporation and doing international business.

Ontario Government Links

Electrical Safety Authority

The Electrical Safety Authority is responsible for enhancing public electrical safety in Ontario. As an administrative authority and not-for-profit organization, the ESA acts on behalf of the Government of Ontario and is responsible for safety in the electrical construction industry. The ESA website provides information on electrical regulation, policies, and publishes reports as well as electrical safety awards.

Main Government of Ontario Website

The Government of Ontario website features information on a range of provincial government topics including jobs and employment, environment and energy, and education and training.

Ontario Legislative Assembly

The Ontario Legislative Assembly is a government body responsible for legislature, including bill & law making. The website includes information regarding past and current bills, government motions, and more.

Ontario Statutes & Regulations

The Ontario e-Laws website gives visitors access to official copies of statutes and regulations of the Province of Ontario.

Ministry of Government and Consumer Services

The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services exists to educate, protect, and serve Ontario consumers and make sure that the Ontario marketplace is fair and safe. The ministry educates consumers and administrates regulatory practices to ensure Ontarians’ interests are preserved.

Ontario Ministry of Labour

The Ontario Ministry of Labour is in charge of promoting and enforcing labour legislation and to ensure fair, safe workplace practices for employees and employers alike. The goal of the ministry is to advance an economy which is successful and safe for the people of Ontario.

Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Law & Information

The Ontario Ministry of Labour provides information covering accident prevention, safety at work, and health & safety laws under the belief that all workers have the right to safe workplace.

Ontario Employment Standards

The Ontario Ministry of Labour publishes information on how to ensure every Ontarian has the right to a fair workplace. The Ministry of Labour website contains FAQs and details on how to provide a fair workplace for employees.