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How to become a Construction & Maintenance (ICI) Electrical Apprentice 309A

What is Involved in Becoming an Electrical Apprentice in Ontario? All Apprenticeships in the province of Ontario require that an apprentice has a sponsor or trainer. Also the electrical apprenticeship requires you to complete 9000 hours of on the job training as well as complete 3 levels of Ministry approved trade school. You need to complete all this prior to writing the certification exam.

What is the LAC?

Our purpose is to recruit, select, assess, counsel and educate electrical apprentices in the Quinte-St. Lawrence region (Belleville, Kingston, Brockville, Cornwall). We are a recognized Local Apprenticeship Committee (LAC) under the direction of Local Union 115 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the Electrical Contractors Association of Quinte-St. Lawrence (ECAQSL).

What Do I Need to be an Apprentice?

Motivated, physically fit and mechanically inclined are all good qualities to have when applying for an apprenticeship position. The minimum requirements are listed below:

  • Completed High School Diploma (After 1984- 30 credits/ Prior to 1984-27 credits)
  • Official transcript including the following: Grade 12 Math
  • Completed Application Form and Typed Resume

Note: A “GED” (General Education Development) Certificate may be accepted in special situations as a substitute for the diploma only.

What is the Application Process?

There is an Eligible List for each of the four zones (Belleville, Kingston, Brockville, Cornwall) and applicants must live within the zone that they are applying for.  When the current Eligible Lists are empty, the LAC will commence interviews and testing to add candidates to these lists.  This is completed only as required and does not follow an annual schedule as it based on contractor demand and volume of work.

  1. The LAC will schedule and conduct mechanical aptitude testing and initial interviews for selected candidates.
  2. Successful candidates will then be required to attend an LAC committee interview.
  3. Approved candidates will be added to Eligible List.
  4. Contractor calls for new start from the Eligible List – Contract of Apprenticeship is signed.

What is the Process for Work and School?

  1. Work for approximately 2500 hours- 40% for first 1800 hours and 50% for next 700 hours at Journeyman’s Wage Rate.
  2. Complete Basic Code Book Training and required courses prior to Basic Trade School
  3. Attend Basic Level Trade School for eight weeks (300 hours credit)
  4. Work for approximately 3000 hours- 50% for Balance of second term, 60% for third term and 70% for fourth term hours.
  5. Complete required LAC courses prior to Intermediate Trade School
  6. Attend Intermediate Level Trade School for 10 weeks (360 hours credit)
  7. Work for approximately 3000 hours- 70% for balance of 4th term and 80% for balance of fifth term hours.
  8. Complete required LAC courses prior to Advanced Trade School
  9. Attend Advanced Trade School for 10 weeks (360 hour credit)
  10. Attend Pre-Exam course (week 11) while at Trade School (40 hour credit)
  11. Write Certificate of Qualifications Exam, must obtain 70% for Inter-Provincial Seal.

When Can I Start Working?

There is no defined amount of time that this process may take.

What if I Don’t Have the Education Requirements?

We suggest that you contact one of the following services in order to obtain the needed course(s):

  • Your local secondary school for information regarding night school:
  • Local school board for Continuing Education
  • Department for Adult Education Centres.

Where will I work?

Placements for the LAC will be within the zone that you have been approved for and are within the jurisdiction of Local 115. You must provide your own transportation to the job site.

What if I Have a Journeyman’s Licence from Another Country?

Please contact the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW 115) or the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MTCU) Apprenticeship Branch.

What if I was Educated in Another Country and do not Have My Transcript?

You can obtain your transcript from the school board in your country of origin or contact your local embassy for help. Your marks must also be translated and assessed.
Please contact:
International Credential Assessment Service of Canada
(ICAS): 1-800-321-6021 Email:  info@icascanada.ca Website:  www.icascanada.ca Ask for a Comprehensive Report and state it is for the LAC application process.

Where can I Find Out More Information on Apprenticeship in the Province of Ontario?

You can find out more by contacting

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